Hydrosol Distillation Workshop - Wild Craft Oils

Distillation Experience

The Distillation Experience is an opportunity to come and be a part of the alchemical process of plant and water transforming through the elements of fire, earth, water and air to become a kind of fifth element.  The process, although simple, is pure magic.  I believe working with the plants in this way brings us into a stronger relationship with them.   When the first drops of distillate begin to emerge, there is a feeling of the birth of something new, a new form of the plant itself, as hydrosol and essential oil; two solutions that are mirrors of the plant itself.


During this workshop, we will dive deeper into how hydrosols and essential oils are made; from the process of collecting plants, to sourcing water, to how distillation works.  But probably most importantly, we will explore the relationship with the plants and the potential for connecting with them through the experience of distillation.

Intro to Hydrosols - Wild Craft Oils

Intro To Hydrosol

Join us for a one hour Introduction to Hydrosols class.  We will cover the following topics: 

1. What hydrosols are 

2. A brief history of hydrosols

3. An overview of the many uses of hydrosols in everyday life

***This is a free class***